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Shower Repair and Remodeling is a website of Specialized Floor Care Services serving the Massachusetts and Rhode Island residential and commercial sectors for over 10 years.  

We strive to give our clients superb shower repair, shower tile installation and shower remodeling services.  We pride our selves of being a Boston BBB Accredited  Company with an A+ Rating. To further our tile and shower education, have received theory, technical and hands on training from:

Tile technician in shower floor repair project
Shower Floor Repair

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Complete Custom Shower System is made up of shower pan, shower drain system, tiled shower walls, shower curb, glass shower enclosure, shower door and plumbing.  Any one of these can be a cause of small slow shower water leak or a major leak causing damage to supporting structure and ceiling below.

Shower Pan– Most shower pans today are using copper as material to hold any water that makes its way through broken shower grout lines, damaged shower tiles or shower wall seams.  This type of system is not conducive to an effective shower system since collected water is retained in the pan without any way of draining.  After several showers, this water will overflow outside the shower pan or migrate up and out of the shower through the grout lines and stone tiles.
Shower Drain System– Every custom shower has some type of shower pan.  Installed should be a drain system that allows water to weep into the drain.  Most drain systems either do not have weep holes or the weep holes are clogged.
Tiled Shower Walls – Shower walls should be constructed using cement board lined with a waterproofing membrane and a moisture barrier behind it.  Shower walls tiles and grout should be in good working condition and sealed.  Damaged tiles or grout lines will allow water to penetrate and cause damage to the shower structure.
Shower Curb– Many shower curbs fail because they are poorly constructed allowing water to rot the framing.
Glass Shower Enclosures  – Shower enclosures come in framed and frame-less.   Special attention must be placed on the caulking that hold the shower enclosure together.  Old caulking becomes hard and bridle and separate from the surfaces causing leaks.

shower floor repaired and restored
Shower Floor Repaired

Shower Door – Loose or malfunctioning shower doors can cause severe water damage.  Framed shower doors and shower systems often allow water to leak at the bottom corners of the door along the corner of the curb and wall.

Plumbing System – Cold and hot water lines along with the drain pipes can be the culprits of a shower leak.  Loose or corroded lines should be replaced by a licensed plumbing company.
If you have a faulty shower and need a reliable and experienced shower repair company, call us for an in house evaluation.  We can inspect your current shower system, identify the problem, present you with repair options and in most cases, complete the repairs in one to two days.



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